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  • How to make better use of long holidays for exam preparation
    When holidays are longer than expected due to Coronavirus lockdown and you are bound to stay indoors learn online prepare better for rescheduled exams including Class X Board Class XII Board and Entrance Test Here given a list of helpful resources to aid your examination preparation and these resources would cost you no money Digital initiatives of MHRD for School Education and Higher Education Di .... ...Read More
    Posted by: Career Guide
  • SARS-CoV-2: Dos and Don'ts
    Viruses are not common they make a natural arrangement for the living world Sadly sometimes the virus goes inside our body system and make us sick and causes diseases Of all viral diseases communicable diseases are the most dangerous and have the potential to affect the entire life Virologists are the right authority to speak around and about the virus and viral diseases Needless to say I am talki .... ...Read More
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  • Increased Project Manager Recruitment in Chennai
    Chennai is one of the popular Indian cities that would also witness increased demand for project managers The reason is the expansion in key sectors like information services manufacturing and construction technology publishing finance and insurance in the city When you search for a project manager job in Chennai you will find that there are almost 1400 jobs available as stated in indeed com Profe .... ...Read More
    Posted by: Mohsin Ali Khan
  • Let's prevent us from COVID-19
    Covid 19 is a Coronavirus that may enter to humans through air mouth nose and eyes etc Recent deaths around the world are really really sadenning Till now there are no vacaccines which might be available in future But till then how to prevent from Coroavirus infections Here are some points I have summarized based on suggestions from medical doctors and according to the WHO 1 Avoid public gathering .... ...Read More
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  • Embedded Systems Training Institute In Bangalore
    We are proud to say that we offer the foremost embedded systems training The course focuses mainly on offering theory as well as hands on practical training in data structures microcontrollers network protocols device drivers C language Linux programming embedded systems as well as kernel basics Also the famous course concentrates on providing insights into the life cycle processes of software dev .... ...Read More
    Posted by: manoj csyrus
  • How to use gap dates between two exam papers
    Gaps between two exam papers are considered as a blessings Long gaps often make students parents and teachers smile But most of the times gap dates either go unused or used in a completely wrong ways Gap between two exam papers are considered as opportunity to prepare and do better I beg to differ you cannot master a subject in a matter of few days it takes whole lot of continuous efforts to get t .... ...Read More
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  • What to do when campus is unsafe
    A campus is a place where we are safest where there are many to protect us when help needed Ragging is an offence by law This was always an offence but become strict law when unfortunately some fistful people started taking advantage of it Who don t love his / her alma matter this is the place we spend golden years of life memories are unforgottable Sometime things are unavoidable When all of a su .... ...Read More
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  • How to excel in school board examination in 60 days
    Just you got the magic bullet to hit that bulls eye Wait this is not a magic bullet but a simple strategy to memorize what you learnt in last one year before you write actual board examinations 1 Stay organized Definitely you may have a time schedule Over the years your body clock is programmed to work in certain way do not change that routine Stick to same routine as it was for a year Though you .... ...Read More
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  • Board exam fear; let's finish it...
    Month of January a common family friend asked how much marks you going to achieve in Class XII baord this happened all of a sudden when I was coming downstairs after play I answered with a silence and next question came will you get first class or not I was willing to say I am not a duffer like you I can t imagine too much heck how do I know if pen will leak during exam and I will finish up with a .... ...Read More
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  • How to get Class 10 & Class 12 Board Exam Time Table
    Time and Date is a matter of great concern for every student parent and teacher Class X and Class XII exams are taken very seriously Students are busy in revisions mock tests and pre exams And different exam boards has different timeline different pattern and different dates of announcement related exam date sheet Rumours often kills to much time And in the age of fake news Time and Date start app .... ...Read More
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